some days it’s just out of reach i’ve never slept with the television on but i’m drawn to songs that mention doing so some days it’s just out of focus i thought i loved doing this thing but it’s falling from my empty hands i’m waiting for the what’s next I can’t catch it but at some moment it’ll kick me just when I’m not looking. »

quiet things

managing to leave in my preferred time-period I avoided the brutishness of peak-hour public transport and found my calmest moment: standing in the kitchen cat underfoot cooking an unadventurous but not too unhealthy dinner for one in absolutely no hurry whatsoever. »


somewhere in the depth of my evening despair I figured I should go for a short walk to buy some cat food if nothing else. my spirits rose when I remembered that they’d probably have Marmite back on the shelves and so it was: I now have something tiny, black and sticky to look forward to for breakfast tomorrow. I am ever-grateful for small mercies they keep me alive »