western times

I hadn’t walked this street in years avoiding stray memories so I armed myself with brand new music. Somehow, though the right song hit the right notes and when I turned left to look it hit me right in the feels. Fourteen years and the source of… …plenty of experiences I can neither avoid nor disavow. Reaching the main road in a gasp of air I hurried on my way »

lost in time

it’s a bit like that song: “I would have thought that after all this time I could change / but now I find, I still feel so afraid at the chance of seeing you.” I waxed as you waned I didn’t yet have a grip while yours was slipping. I’ll never forget the final time I just wish there’d been more. »

the summer wasted

i returned from the overseas trip a new record waiting patiently for that special first listen but damn you you unexpected earworm from Scott 4, sending my mind back, and further back, to a summer in Apartment number 9 I hid from the world mid-twenties confusion too loud to bear but just like always a new album of old music put all the love back in me »

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stuck in the shadow of an overpass trying to find a different way out of this puzzle. »

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