crash or crash through

Dream (last Saturday morning): I hop into a car with…somebody (not sure who). He’s driving. We seem to be leaving from my parents’ house, and he’s driving rather quickly, not stopping as we cross the intersections. When we reach Springvale Rd, he turns right without stopping. We go too wide, and miss the road. We miss the service lane, too. “So this is it,” I think, “we’re crashing”, and let my body relax as we head straight for a house. »


dream: i was lying on the floor waiting for the world to stop turning when i looked through the golden shagpile carpet my parents once had and spied a green spiralled telephone cord running along the sideboard and at that very moment i knew i wasn’t where i thought i was. »


dream: I drop in to visit my first ever workplace. The old boss is still there, talking to somebody until he notices me standing there. He turns to smile at me and with a glint in his eye, asks if I’d like some scones. Later, I talk to an ex-co-worker, who’d returned there after working in other companies. I make some comment about how hard it is to remember old names after working in so many different places, for so many different people. »

i had a little (gravy) boat

i dreamt of those individual microwaveable puddings that come in pairs with the foil top i found them while rummaging somewhere in the house “hey” i asked my wife “do you want one?” later i began to find leftover dinners peas, gravy and all congealed on the plate we were cheerful as we cleaned it all up. i awoke to find I’d overslept by about two hours and a house full of »

stop and go man

dream: they built a set of traffic lights just up the road from my parents place painted yellow as was the fashion in some previous decade “how odd,” we said to one another such a big solution for two small streets. »