crash or crash through


Dream (last Saturday morning): I hop into a car with…somebody (not sure who). He’s driving. We seem to be leaving from my parents’ house, and he’s driving rather quickly, not stopping as we cross the intersections. When we reach Springvale Rd, he turns right without stopping. We go too wide, and miss the road. We miss the service lane, too. “So this is it,” I think, “we’re crashing”, and let my body relax as we head straight for a house. Inexplicably, we come through the other side and stop. I get out, appear to be ok (somehow) and figure I should call someone. I try calling 000, and explain there’s been a car crash, but they tell me I should call the police. “oh. Sorry to bother you. I’ll try them.” I struggle to dredge the number from my memory, and in the end I’m not sure if they answer or not. I leave the destroyed house behind and keep wandering through the suburban streets, dazed and confused.