i have no relationship with the moon it comes and goes in my life like any other thing once in a while i might say to her “hey, go and have a look, it’s really big tonight” and she’d reply with a bone-dry “yeah, whatever.” well. as long as the sun shines, i might get by. but i’ll still think about the moon once in a while. »

singing in the wire

locations change the confusing new mixed with old requirements paths appear under wires my new transit the thing i feel the most each day one night the towers hum to me but the next a large bird stares right into my eyes »

before the storm

i hopped on the train a little earlier than usual and tried not to look too surprised as I found a seat (luxury!) a frowny late-middle-aged guy sat opposite, to the right writing “FENCER” on his crossword to the left a small girl stole glances at me in between stealing a few words from a comic that seemed to be in Viet I looked around trying not too look too obvious »