quiet things

managing to leave in my preferred time-period I avoided the brutishness of peak-hour public transport and found my calmest moment: standing in the kitchen cat underfoot cooking an unadventurous but not too unhealthy dinner for one in absolutely no hurry whatsoever. »

momentary distractions

it was just like on television I’d just put the rubbish out and when I looked up to the clear, dark evening I saw a small white dot speeding across the sky. a neighbour’s cat brushed my leg but I was transfixed by things up above; it took me a moment to readjust to the world below and give her a pat. »


i’ve been looking for clues walking the streets after dark reveals another world of off-coloured lights and strange mis-remembered memories as i search the maps small whorls appear leading me in and out of high- and low-pressure zones a rush of thoughts and a passing train rattles my head in the morning different shadows appear cast in odd directions a message from the ocean? i can’t decipher this not yet »