a number of times lately I’ll hear a song or an album by someone from around 7 years ago and think “was it really that long ago? I never let that one sink in like I did their earlier work” and then I wonder why everything changed in those recent years? why did I stop? why did I stop enjoying things like that? The horror creeps in making awful suggestions »

momentary distractions

it was just like on television I’d just put the rubbish out and when I looked up to the clear, dark evening I saw a small white dot speeding across the sky. a neighbour’s cat brushed my leg but I was transfixed by things up above; it took me a moment to readjust to the world below and give her a pat. »


i have no relationship with the moon it comes and goes in my life like any other thing once in a while i might say to her “hey, go and have a look, it’s really big tonight” and she’d reply with a bone-dry “yeah, whatever.” well. as long as the sun shines, i might get by. but i’ll still think about the moon once in a while. »