and fade

It felt so long since I curled up with a good book that finally doing so felt more dreamlike than usual. Phrases, other people‚Äôs memories and the general possibility of something beyond the everyday sameness nearly manage to dislodge some long-seated worries leftover from what feels like a lifetime of work. »

western times

I hadn’t walked this street in years avoiding stray memories so I armed myself with brand new music. Somehow, though the right song hit the right notes and when I turned left to look it hit me right in the feels. Fourteen years and the source of… …plenty of experiences I can neither avoid nor disavow. Reaching the main road in a gasp of air I hurried on my way »

lost in time

it’s a bit like that song: “I would have thought that after all this time I could change / but now I find, I still feel so afraid at the chance of seeing you.” I waxed as you waned I didn’t yet have a grip while yours was slipping. I’ll never forget the final time I just wish there’d been more. »