back & forth

a new year scanning a roll of film in one room an old Field Mice album plays in another memories slightly removed a chance meeting and a twinge of regret resolution is just out of reach »


a number of times lately I’ll hear a song or an album by someone from around 7 years ago and think “was it really that long ago? I never let that one sink in like I did their earlier work” and then I wonder why everything changed in those recent years? why did I stop? why did I stop enjoying things like that? The horror creeps in making awful suggestions »

this time tomorrow

after my second game of tennis in a very long time i lay down for a nap while strange music played and i drifted away on a strange little boat vanishing into mist with voices surrounding my confused, tired body. later, the album finished a familiar bassline marked a change in tack i found myself dragged mercilessly from the loving waves and back into our brightly coloured sofa. »