We didn’t run for the train we’d already run for the tram which seemed like enough effort for one journey and anyway as we walked up the ramp to the station we heard the wonderful sounds of somebody playing a nice, red accordion from a townhouse balcony across the street i love this city and i love the inner suburbs for moments like this. »


the hoddle street lifeline stretches out beyond my arm i nod absently to the driver and try to find a seat where his radio is less annoying before long the headphones go on and it’s boris (on mine) versus the human league (on his) “don’t you want me?” set against flood maybe i shoulda had feedbacker instead and it woulda been vrrrrrrmmmmmrrrrrrr as the “B” lights up and we’re first out the gate »

welcome to our machine

enjoy your stay you’ll be stamped numbered and indexed processed and pushed until one day you’ll wake as if falling from a dream wondering “what happened?” and don’t touch anything, ferchrissakes. »