bundoora express


catch the tram to the end of the line

to walk along the new grass

at the edge of a new shopping centre

“opening in 2008”

next up is the great northern ring road

stand underneath for a moment

listen to the road above

rumbling with traffic

and, y’know,

stop thinking about work, willya?

you’re supposed to be on holiday.

over the hills

past a bustling strip mall

(no, really)

thoughts bubble up

“y’know, the tram’s just over there

we could hop on and go home right now”

each step makes it easier to shake that off

as you turn into a machine

one foot in front of the other.

nine and a half kilometres

and a few phone interruptions later

you’re home



but with a feeling you’ve achieved

a minor something.

the cat looks up and yawns in agreement.