glorified button-pushing

glorified button-pushers...

another day, another city

to fly to in the morning

though there’s a small hiccup

and i have to hotfoot it

to the other end of the airport

then, after checking in,

I spill coffee

down my nice shirt

and discover that the flight

has been delayed

but once we’re finally on board

things start to look up.

so after I finish plugging a few cables

into a few boxes

and making sure that all is well

the lady asks me what i’ll do now

“I guess I’ll wander around for a while

and grab some lunch

before heading back to the airport”

I reply.

“Yes, the wharf’s nice.”

“Is there still a place called Flippers?”

I ask, remembering an old comic.

“yes, but don’t go there. Try Fish Frenzy”

and I’m left pondering how many other

random superlatives

have been thrown next to

a word for seafood

in this town?