we dig repetition

on the way there

we waited for take off

as a small aircraft

landing from the left

touched down effortlessly

with a small puff of smoke

from beneath the wheels

and we got moving

a new office

(for me)

another unfamiliar setup

another messy machine room

to make sense of.

hours later

the job done

we wait for take off

as a small plane

lands from the left

life repeats itself

and i think

“i’ll be doing this

next week

in another town.”

when i reach home

she’s out with a friend

so i grab a quick pub meal

just around the corner

when i step out the back

i watch a plane head

towards the airport

while the slow, steady rock music

drifts from speakers nearby

and i’m wondering

if those passengers

had as productive a day

as i did?