the loneliness of the factory outlet shop assistant


a new shopping location

at the west end of town

above a station

we’re looking for a few bits

of clothing

and i’m trying to adjust

to this new existence

this added responsibility

of a thirty year loan

so we wander the shops

with intentionally minimal decor

to try and make you feel

that things are cheaper here

can’t you tell?

i can remember enjoying shopping

many times in my life

but somehow here i end up


by memories

of arrogant men and women

i’ve been forced to deal with

in my life

i replay those moments

when they done me wrong

and think of what i’d have done


it’s no way

to spend a saturday

but it fades

once i’m out of there

what is it about these places

that have such an effect on me?

the harsh lighting?

i wish i knew.