just a walk in the park


i walked to the city

from preston


it started with

no trams at the terminus

which i eventually discovered

stemmed from a car crash

further down the line

and they cleared it away

just as I walked by

but i was already moving

by then

and that inner feeling

of momentum

had to be fed

somewhat more

than this

i stopped for breakfast

and watched the first load of people

pass by on the tram

they’d been waiting at the terminus

all that time

and i wondered if their anger

had dissipated yet

presumably somebody would

refuse to pay for their ticket

because the tram was late

but what of the others?

further on

down Lygon St

an ambulance sat in a side street

lights flashing angrily

while somebody stood nearby

one hand holding the phone

the other gesticulating slowly

as he spoke.

when I made it to the city

i figured i’d arrived

but i should’ve kept going