no place like home

i wish i knew what it was

that makes melbourne airport

so frustrating to return to

last time

last year

the people who guide you

into different customs declaration queues

made me walk this way and that

ordering me around in gruff

annoyed voices.

this time it was the baggage retrieval

my face hurts to think about it

i should’ve just

let it go

and picked it up on the next round

but all of a sudden

my wife’s shouting

“quick! it’s there! get it!”

and I’m saying

“excuse me

excuse me

excuse me!”

as i lunge through and try to catch it

and one guy’s saying “steady on!”

as i push past

and try to swing the suitcase

over and onto the ground.

people used to help

you out

in these situations

now they just stare

like stunned mullets

as you dare to invade

their spot

next to the carousel.

usually i go to a less crowded part

so i don’t have to go through

all of this

but there was no time

and somebody had already

nicked our empty trolley.

what really troubles me

about this morning’s event

is that i worry

i’m turning into the kind

of person i despise.

welcome back.