we are glass


the restaurant’s empty

but the door’s open

we walk in

figuring we’d been

neglecting it a bit lately

what with the new one

just across the road

and all

but nobody comes

she even walks up to the kitchen

where we hear movement

and says “hello?”

but nothing

they can’t say

we didn’t try

it’s nothing fancy

no stone lions

in the entry way

but i guess it just seems

plain and honest

and i like the idea

of sitting at the tiny table

and watching the people

pass by on the street

as i munch on another

spring roll pancake

the new place

the food’s good


it’s all closed in

you’re forced to confront

your fellow diners

and i always feel

bad for staring at people

in restaurants

it doesn’t feel so bad

watching people

through a window

but why?