order, oughta


empty weekend

attempting to make use

of the extra time

while i couldn’t use

the laptop

but feeling like

i couldn’t go too far

just in case

i was a few minutes

out the door

and had to turn back

to help

for instance

so i stayed close

and felt vulnerable

in the afternoon sun

ipod on random

when purple sneakers

popped up

maybe that’s what

started it off

walk past the old

kodak factory

piles of rubble


around the final


waiting to leap up

and smother it

or something

i snuck up

on more familiar


from different angles

hoping i’d see things

a little differently

i took a walk

up hope st

but didn’t feel


by the end of it

on a lonely afternoon

like this

it’s hard to stop

feeling like





and the best

i can hope for

is to have a few

days in a row

where it doesn’t bother me

quite as much

as the other days

or maybe

it’s just that

i haven’t kept up with the

st john’s wort tea

like i ought