people are sleeping

Dream: I’m on holiday with my parents, apparently. I don’t

know what town we’re in, but we’re staying in bungalows – my parents in one,

myself in another. It’s late at night and I’ve just come home (where had I

been?) when I notice Mum walking past, holding her torch as usual. I’m not

really sure why she’d be outside at the moment, but it’s nice that she’s

able to let me into my bungalow (perhaps I’d lost my keys?). Just as she

opens the door I hear a growling sound behind me, which turns out to be

a car alarm(!). The door’s open. I try and shut the door but it won’t stay

closed. “Bugger it, I’ll fix it in the morning,” I think. I’m tired, I just

want to sleep. Walking into the bungalow I find that the TV’s on (but I don’t

watch TV!), and notice that it looks like other people have been here. I

worry that somebody might’ve stolen my things, and head for my room. On the

way there, I can see beds, and people sleeping. Where’s my room? Where’s my

stuff? I don’t remember there being so many rooms in this tiny bungalow. And

where did so many people come from? It’s getting light, I can see the sun

coming through windows as I’m wandering around. In one room, people are

sleeping on steps, and I stand confusedly at the top, watching people wake

up and start to organize their things. I’m waiting for a path through the

crowd, when a girl moves aside and says “you can move through now,

please,” as if she just wants me to get the hell out of here.