waiting for my lucky day

waiting for my lucky day

it was time to fly west
and oversee something
or other
it wasn’t very clear
and in the end
things didn’t happen on time
so i was left with
a sudden overnight stay
in a grubby-windowed hotel
that was conveniently close
that i could get back to work
once there was something
to get back to
in the morning.

I left my suitcase at the hotel
(always good to go prepared –
i’ve already learnt that
these jobs have a way of
turning out like this)
and took a walk
in the muggy overcast afternoon
while i waited
for the room to be ready.
i’ve never spent much idle time
in this city
so the streets were new
i looped the hotel
a couple of blocks each side
and peered into an alleyway
to see a car and its hazard lights
flashing slow
like in an old music video.


In the evening,
I stayed inside
too tired to go out
unable to sleep
I played an overpriced Santo & Johnny CD
I’d found at a tiny shop
somewhere up near the railway station
and I listened to Sleepwalk
through the tinny laptop speakers
wishing Lian were here –
I feel a bit guilty
exploring new places on my own
now that I’m married.

I woke up in the middle of the night
only to discover that I was still
right here in this particular city.
An unfamiliar morning lay ahead of me
but when it all fizzed out
I flew home earlier than expected
relieved but unfulfilled.